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BBM has a new division called Bound-by Media strictly devoted to podcast producing, distributing, and marketing YOUR voice.

Bound-by Media Podcast
Monetizing Podcasts

Guest Management

When you invite people to be a guest on your podcast, or they pitch you their ideas, it can be overwhelming to organize all the information about the guest, outreach process, podcast topics, etc. That’s where we come in–we handle all of that for you!


Recording + Audio Management

Not everyone can build a full studio in their homes or have access to studios to rent!  That’s okay!  All podcasts can be recorded from a distance on platforms such as Riverside.fm where your podcasts are all virtual.

Each of your guests will invited to the platform to login and record with you on video. The tracks are available to our producers and ready to edit as soon as you finish recording!



One of the most frequent questions we get asked is how do we distribute it [podcast] to all the platforms?  We leverage a platform (there are many out there but our favorite is Spreaker) that we initially set up and create accounts amongst all platforms such as Spotify, Apple, Google, Amazon, etc.  Each episode is handled separately and scheduled to plan while you are sleeping!


Web Design + Development

Fully customized and remarkably intuitive our web design and development team doesn’t just “build a website” they craft and strategize for each type of end-user so their experience fits just right. Each site is built with a content management system (CMS) for daily use so even your mom can update your site!


Brand Identity Development

Branding is not just the design of a logo. Branding is about story, recognition and perception. It is about differentiating a product, service, and the business. It’s to be bold and to be iconic. Let’s try that on together!


Social Media

You may want to join as many social media platforms as you can to promote your podcast on social media, but that’s rarely a smart strategy unless you’re a massive brand with a lot of resources. So we approach your social media with organic growth in mind and only leverage the platforms that will benefit you and your brand and the subject of your podcast(s).


Email Marketing

The most profitable marketing for your podcast is email marketing platforms and secondly social media. We are here to help support you in both!



So how do you make money?  There are a few high-level ways to monetize your podcast you can

  • Sell sponsorships or advertising spots
  • Get paid to be a guest on other podcasts
  • Take donations (depending on the type of podcast)
  • Create membership tiers and offer swag
  • Join advertising networks for CPM

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