CRPS Warriors Foundation

Role: VP of Operations + Marketing
Role: Board of Directors
Sector: Non-profit
Location: Las Vegas, CA

CRPS Warriors Foundation has been developed by an amazing team consisting of CRPS Warriors and Non-warriors. Its mission is to support the care and well-being of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) patients and their families through education, financial assistance, programs, and research. The owner and boss babe of Bound-by Marketing is one of the CRPS Warriors, having been diagnosed 7 years ago and helped start and launch the foundation. Additionally, Lyndsay Soprano is on the Board of Directors as well to help support finding a cure!

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The CRPS Warriors Foundation pulled us in to help with start-up marketing before their branding was remotely in place. It was a dream of their CEO + Foundsay, Deb Jankowski, to start a foundation to help find a cure to a horribly rare and painful disease, Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).

And that she did.

Game Changing:

Bound-by Marketing partnered with the foundation to work on business operations, technology, marketing, and social direction and execution to launch the non-profit.  Within a few months, they were branded, designed, launched, and ready to help fight for the lives of those who live in chronic pain with CRPS–like our BBM owner.

Together we can find a cure to this horrific disease.

“Lyndsay, the principal and owner of Bound-by Marketing, has stood by my side as I started my foundation, CRPS Warriors Foundation.  She supported my vision with her marketing expertise, strategy, honesty and transparency, and turned our working relationship into something even better–a life-long friend and sister. Two women found each other who both suffer from CRPS and turned a lot of lemons into lemonade together. And we will continue to rise to the challenge together to find a cure!”

Deb Jankowski
CEO + Founder

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