MD Spiro (a Micro Direct Company)

Role: Virtual CMO
Sector: Medical Device + Healthcare
Location: Lewiston, ME

MD Spiro is a Micro Direct company based on the east coast specializing in medical device sales and training in the respiratory care business.  MD Spiro was established in 1993 as Micro Direct.  Their sales and support staff have over 100 years of combined experience in the medical equipment industry.

MD Spiro New E-Commerce Web Development
MD Spiro Email Marketing
MD Spiro Blog Management
SAVING LIVES: before, during, and after COVD-19


Hired to rebrand and manage the marketing and design of MD Spiro’s e-commerce platform for over a decade of support. We rebuilt their e-commerce solution to a more flexible and user-friendly experience for practitioners to shop online. Let the sales quadruple!

Helping healthcare practitioners make it easier to breathe.

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