Stage 1 Financial

Role: Virtual Director of Marketing
Sector: Finance
Location: Orange County, CA

Stage 1 Financial was created by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs to help exponentially grow and scale their businesses in the consumer brand marketplace. Their mission is to provide young, emerging brands the people, processes, and systems to quickly and sustainably scale and grow their business, all within their specific business requirements.  They operate as their clients’ financial/operational back-office, advisory, and teammate — with them every step of the way, from start to finish.

Stage 1 Financial Marketing Cards
Stage 1 Financial Marketing Cards
It's Only Up From Here: it is time to scale and grow.
Stage 1 Financial Cannabis Growth
Stage 1 Financial Cannabis Growth
Stage 1 Financial Web Development


I was brought on as the outsourced Director of Marketing to essentially create this start-ups’ brand to help the financial growth and investor presentation and engagement for…start-ups! So from their initial logo/brand development and strategy, brand guidelines, web development, email marketing design and implementation, and social development, corporate and investor presentations, I spearheaded and managed the whole enchilada.

Game Changing:

Seeing them grow…fast.

Scale. Grow. Consume.

Speak Up. Stand Out.

The orchestration of brand voice and visual design is fundamental to a successful business strategy. Add your project to the chorus.

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