The Pain Game Podcast

Role: Host + CMO
Sector: Podcast + Media
Location: Burbank, CA

The Pain Game Podcast is about the game of living in and with chronic pain and trauma; getting to the heart of how to heal. On the show, the host Lyndsay Soprano plans on discussing with doctors, chronic pain patients, holistic practitioners, loved ones, and anybody interested in having their voice heard in the chronic pain and trauma world that we live in.  All this from her intimate studio in California every week.

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Get to the Heart of How to Heal. With You By Our Side.
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With the launch of the new division Bound-by Media, we began our first podcast with the owner of the company about her journey and her calling to help others in the world of chronic pain and the game we play in the twisted world of pain management. We built out the brand, website, studio, production, distribution, and marketing management–ongoing of course!

Game Changing:

We brought in an executive producer for The Pain Game Podcast as well as the other shows that have started to roll into the division! Game changing to say the least!

Thank you my little VIPs. Catch you on the other side.

“One thing I love about working in the podcast production world is helping others to create their dream podcast and watch them work their asses off.  Now it is my job here to help make the Pain Game Podcast, and the others coming aboard, be the best it can be!”

Steve Koch
Executive Producer with Bound-by Media

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